Kargar homes

Kargar homes

Kargar Homes - W Granada Blvd, Ste C4, Ormond Beach, Florida - Rated based on 11 Reviews "In our area, quality custom builds come from just. Mike Kargar has been building homes for 30 years, the last 16 as president and CEO of his own Ormond Beach business, Kargar Construction. Kargar Construction is dedicated to producing high quality, timeless, custom home designs for refined home purchasers. Kargar is a green builder, taking steps.

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Where do you need the work done?

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Kargar New Home Construction at Plantation Bay

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Kargar homes -

See what pros are saying about Smith. New Home in Hilliard , FL. His expertise includes new construction of multifamily and single-family residences, multi-story commercial buildings, and swimming pool design and construction with a specialization in custom home building.

A Home Guru 4 U. A quality contractor should readily show you their professional license as well as proof of bonding and insurance. Neighborhoods where you can find Kargar Homes include: Connect with up to 3 additional Pros to get quotes.

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  1. Kargar Construction is dedicated to producing high quality, timeless, custom home designs for refined home purchasers.

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Kargar Homes Plantation Bay And LPGA | Kargar Construction

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