Instant win mcdonalds free attraction passes

Instant win mcdonalds free attraction passes

You have to claim it off the monopoly website and they will explain what happens after. All tickets are automatically entered into the Second Chance Draw. You are not required to pre-book your entry to the attraction. Please be aware entry is subject to availability and operating hours. For a guide on the Instant Win process, please see the below: How does the Second Chance Draw/Free Spin game work?. How do i redeem a free attraction pass?, it says instant win, but it hardly seems " instant" i went in the chch eastgate See more of McDonald's on Facebook.

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The McDonald's Monopoly Scam: Operation Final Answer Instant win mcdonalds free attraction passes

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Instant win mcdonalds free attraction passes

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Instant win mcdonalds free attraction passes

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Instant win mcdonalds free attraction passes -

Winners should keep a copy of their Monopoly Free Day Out winning ticket, which may be required to validate their original win. Will Tesco try to convince us that burka-clad Muslim women buy turkey for Christmas again this year? Type in Monopoly McDonald's. Any statutory rights the winners may have remain unaffected. Use of Attraction Passes are subject to promotional availability at participating venues and their use may be limited during public and school holidays and other peak periods.

Some venues have limits on the number of Attraction Passes available as part of this prize promotion.

Multiple members of a group may not use their Attraction Passes at the same time. An estimate is fine!? Any statutory rights the winners may have remain unaffected. Decent Deals — DecentDeals. Attraction Passes cannot be transferred, sold or exchanged for cash.

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  • You have to claim it off the monopoly website and they will explain what happens after. The latest information...
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